Yearly archives: 2017

Setting up a pfSense gateway on an OVH-hosted Proxmox cluster

The post title is a bit of a mouthful but a necessary one – this is a very specific scenario. Using pfSense as a dedicated gateway/firewall on the OVH-network was already not a simple situation; doing it inside a KVM (with Proxmox VE as wrapper which will also host LXC’s on the ‘LAN’) adds another layer of complexity. This guide was pieced together from various tidbits all over the web and my own experimentation so I thought it a good idea to do a solid write-up on it – if not for posterity then for my own future reference.

Moving to a dedicated server with WordPress

I’ve been a co-administrator for a dedicated server on the OVH network for some time now, originally intended as a Minecraft server but has been left idle lately. We don’t really have anything to do with it now, so I figured I’d put it to use.

RimWorld (and modding it with C#) is awesome

I’ve been playing Ludeon Studios’ RimWorld for the past year or so, my favorite sandbox game since burning out on Minecraft. Thanks to some mod API changes in the latest alpha, I decided to make my first foray into C# programming – and I’m having a blast.

Status Report 2017.5.21

I really should make the effort to post here more often. This is supposed to be my chronicles through all things geeky. I will try to from now on, though, really! In the meantime, a summary of what’s been going on since my last post….