ModShell is a console enhancement for the Windows command-prompt designed to make Forge mods easier to create, manage and deploy. UPDATE: Due to complications in the way Eclipse projects are organized (e.g. absolute paths all other the place), this project was abandoned. Original post remains for posterity.

This has been largely inspired by the sheer amount of people asking for help when setting up a Forge workspace. Most of these problems seem to stem from incorrect use or a host that hasn’t been setup properly. ModShell won’t just be for the rookies though – it will have various time saving functions and capabilities to ease the modding experience for novices and veterans alike.

Planned features include:

  • Ensuring the host is setup correctly, giving friendly errors and recommendations when something goes wrong;
  • Creation and managing of a single Eclipse workspace, capable of holding multiple mods. This is also known as the “Pahimar Setup” and will include instance management, dependency resolution and automatic creation of run configurations;
  • Semi-guided setup for creating new mods;
  • Management of JDK’s and integration with Eclipse/GradleWrapper to ensure the desired/required JDK is used;
  • Git integration (version automation, changelog generation and semi-guided repository management);
  • …and much more!

Development is still in very early stages and will likely take another week or so for an initial release. This is something I want to use myself though, so it will come sooner rather than later!