Yes, I’m still alive! Real-life commitments along with my tendency to be a bit over-ambitious and suffer from burn out is likely to blame, heh. Not much new, except I’ve been exploring the Minecraft community a bit lately, and have a renewed interest in modding…

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Ancient Warfare 2 mod. I once had (ambitious) plans to create a city-builder total conversion for Minecraft and wanted to use AW2 as a base, but I decided it wasn’t worth the investment at the time. I’ve started working on Ancient Warfare 2 again though (already have some small changes on my GitHub fork), not with the intention of making a total conversion however – but just to improve it in areas where I can – possibly keeping it as a fork depending on what GotoLink (the current maintainer of AW2) wants to do with it.

Some confirmed ideas for AW2 (either base or my fork) that I want to implement include:

  • Complete overhaul of the Research system. Make it less of a resource-spam fest and actually be fun;
  • Remove the concept of “work bounds” entirely from the work sites, let the worker NPC’s intelligently decide what work they should do, where to do it and how to go about it;
  • Add in-game context sensitive help (e.g. tooltips on GUI elements, extended lore descriptions for items, etc.) and generally improve the experience and usability of the mod;
  • Add config options for much more things for fine-tuning, as well as making it easier for interaction between other mods;
  • Make the energy system a *little* more realistic, e.g. differentiate between kinetic (torque) power and electrical power, requiring conversion between the two depending on what a generator produces or a consumer requires. Similar to what RotaryCraft and ElectriCraft do, however not intended to be anywhere near as complex.

Long term, and considering all the above, I also hope to advance beyond the “Medieval” theme and into future eras – likely starting with an industrial era. HOWEVER, I am more interested in making it require/use existing mods for this, rather than reinventing the wheel. For example, a lot of Immersive Engineering could be considered a post industrial-era tier. This could all be configurable though, to a degree – the idea of a completely customizable tech tree is very appealing, albeit a technical challenge.

I MIGHT try to look at the old vehicles module and see what I can do, as I do actually have an interest in it now for learning purposes. However I have zero experience with mounted entity modding, and it’s always difficult for me to learn the idiosyncrasies of others coding conventions and style… so I’ll see how I go. But this is not a high priority for me, so please don’t harass me about it. Also, GotoLink has probably already had a look at it has high demand, and if he is having trouble then I probably have no hope 🙂

I’m also considering porting it to 1.8.9, though I’m not sure it’s worth the investment based on my skillset and available time. Still on the fence about that.

Stay tuned!