I really should make the effort to post here more often. This is supposed to be my chronicles through all things geeky. I will try to from now on, though, really! In the meantime, a summary of what’s been going on since my last post….

I’m no longer working full-time as a software engineer. At the start of the year I started a Cert IV in Software Development at TAFE (a pre-diploma vocational training course) which is pretty easy for the moment. I mainly started it to see if I have the discipline to continue onto more advanced/formal study, which I never really could before – many people are surprised when they learn I never finished high-school. Being self-taught only gets you so far, so I figure I try and work on that barrier.

That’s going well so far. I’ll probably move on to a Diploma next year, maybe look into a gateway to University. It all depends if I feel I could handle being a broke student for a few more years!

I’m still modding around with Minecraft, as anybody who checks my GitHub activity would notice.

I got a new tower for my PC (a Thermaltake Versa C21), a new CPU (a 4790K) and an AIO water cooler (FrostFlow 240L), overclocking the CPU to 4.6GHz (synthetic stress tests get up to 85 degrees C which I’m comfortable with, considering real-world use never gets that high – even with video encoding). It has been a nice upgrade from my i5 4570.

I have been gaming a lot, which I stopped doing for about half a year. I’ve uploaded a few YouTube videos, and even spent money on getting into streaming (I have a green screen and everything) but suddenly recently lost interest in it. The “content creator” scene is way too flooded/competitive, nor does it satisfy my desire to “make a mark upon the earth” that most healthy grown men have. But to each their own of course.

I’ve moved away from native Android development and been messing around with Codename One as I do love Windows and consider UWP a potentially lucrative avenue of app development (especially with the steady rise in cheap Windows 10 devices); as I’m not willing to split my brain power between C# and Java it seems a great framework for me to learn. I’ve a few app ideas, but it’s still a learning and experimental stage for me right now.

Well that’s pretty much everything that’s happened. Though I’ll try my best to share some of these random things I get up to from now on!