Project Treble is one of the greatest things to happen to Android. A change in the architectural model, separating the Android operating system and device-specific code. This provides greater autonomy for the developers of a particular device. Now, Project Treble has been successfully ported to the Xiaomi Mi A1.

For official devices, Project Treble promises to provide faster Android development by making ODM’s lives easier. Obviously, their customers will also be happier and safer with faster updates. For unofficial Treble though, that’s not the case – instead it makes custom “ROM” development more attractive and opens the door to development of device-agnostic firmware.

ghpranav and myself at XDA spearheaded the Treble porting to Mi A1, and we’ve finally finished it. Still a few small kinks to iron out, and we do consider it alpha – but at any rate it’s ready for public testing.

Rather than repeat everything I’ve said at XDA, I refer to my thread there as an entry point on this project (no membership required for viewing): From Stock to Treble – everything you need to know!